They said they would and they did

Our Accreditation program supports you and your organisation in identifying those people that can demonstrate both their knowledge and achievements across each of the change management competencies. 

Each of our Accredited Change Managers (ACMs) have completed an extensive assessment, including reference checking, written assessments and scenario-based evaluation.

ACM Masters

Michelle Lincez, Australian Capital Territory
Nicholas Lea, New South Wales
Bev Roberts, New South Wales
Tony Rowse, New South Wales
Caroline Perkins, New South Wales
Chris Bayley, New South Wales
Christina Morgan-Meldrum, New South Wales
Dorothy Bennett, New South Wales
Helen Campbell, New South Wales
Bernard Thorpe, Queensland
Karla Micallef, Queensland
Debbie Gridley, Queensland
Emma Hansford, Queensland
Eleni Jurkschat, Queensland
Camille Clerc, Queensland
Karyn Burger, Queensland
David Derwin, Queensland
Kellie Furey, South Australia
Kerrie Mazengarb, Tasmania
Angela Tenace, Victoria
Benny Peter, Victoria
Daniel Smith, Victoria
Helen Palmer, Victoria
James Bedford, Victoria
Jo Grubb-Evered, Victoria
Robin Ferdinands, Victoria
Jo Pownall, Western Australia
Gordon Brockway, Western Australia
Michele Kramer, Western Australia

Yvonne Thevenot

Karen Miquel

New Zealand
Jane Judd, Auckland
Helen Maskery, Christchurch

United Kingdom
Melanie Franklin
Gillian Perry
Deborah Feakins
Kym Sanderson
Dan Rickards
Martin Wassell
Richard Newton, Buckinghamshire
Alex Boulting, London
Nina Bhogal, Midlands
Adrian Clarke, Midlands
Ira Blake, South West
Jo Crowhurst, London
Melanie Turner, London

United States of America
Michelle Pallas

ACM Specialist

Garry Ingram, Australian Capital Territory
Elizabeth Shannon, Tasmania

New Zealand

Coral Laughton, Wellington

United Kingdom
Paul Kelly, North East

Samuel Wade, North East
Sky Dow, Midlands
Claire Thompson, Midlands
Thomas Carlton, London
Annabel Curwen, London

United States of America
Lyam Crosdale

ACM Foundation

Andrew Price, New South Wales
Robin Smith, Victoria

Yvonne Thevenot

New Zealand
Georgina Wilson, Auckland
Colleen McArthur, Auckland
Karinna McDonald, Wellington

United Kingdom
Simon Cox, London
Harriet Taylor, South West

United States of America
Jana Davis
Lyam Crosdale

Change Management Institute Accredited Change Managers can be contacted via LinkedIn or by contacting us.