Welcome. We’re pleased you’ve found us. We are the Canadian chapter of the Change Management Institute. Our members are professionals from companies, government agencies, not-for-profit groups and professional consultancies. We are at different stages of our professional careers and mutually support one another to meet common goals.

Our mission is to nurture excellence and elevate industry practices in change management.  That includes leading and inspiring practitioners to enhance skills and reach personal and professional goals.  So whether you are craving new thinking, a successful mentor, or wanting to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace with a world class accreditation – you’ve come to the right place.  

Our members are professionals from government agencies, corporations, not-for-profit groups and professional consultancies. Members may be at different stages of their professional careers, so we mutually support one another to meet common goals.

By joining you get to engage with us locally at events, build your networks and access the global thinking and white papers available exclusively to members. There are plenty of learning and development opportunities available for all learning styles too!

A bit more about us

We’ve recruited trusted leaders in the community to serve as volunteers; our sole purpose is to support the Canadian change management community. Our newsletter, casual chats, webinars, robust online community are just a few ways in which we serve the community. As we build our membership base across Canada, you’ll see a local presence as well with local events and gatherings. Stay tuned.

Your involvement with the Change Management Institute Canada will move your career and organization forward on the change maturity spectrum. Together, we build a community of members which support each other and advance our industry through thought leadership and peer sharing platforms.

If you are ready to extend your networks, broaden your change knowledge and practices, know more about the profession or you have an interest in change, connect with us now and join us at one of our events. Chapter events are designed to inspire and build your knowledge and skills through the sharing of local and international knowledge and best-practices.  Find out more about our events here. 

Valuable Membership Benefits

As a Canada member of the Change Management Institute, you will have access to valuable benefits:

  • Engage at local, national and international events
    • A robust online community
    • Face-to-face gatherings
    • Webinars
    • Newsletters
  • Belong to dynamic personal and professional networks
  • Access  global thought leadership, and
  • Participate in learning and development options including Accreditation

The Change Management Institute recognizes the significant value of experience and capability evidenced through three levels of Global Accreditation.

If you are ready to expand your network, broaden your change capability, learn more about the profession or you have an interest in change, let’s connect!  Join us at one of our events which inspire and build knowledge and skills through sharing local and international knowledge and best practices.  Find out more about our events here.

Get involved!

As a non-profit organization, we recruit and rely on volunteers who are trusted leaders in our field.  So please let us know if you’d like to get involved.  We are building our membership base across Canada as well as local chapters – so stay tuned for more developments.

Canada Leadership

Cindy Smith, Canada Co-Lead

Cindy has leveraged her 20+-year-career with deep experience in building organizational and individual Change Management capability as well as delivering enhanced Change Management outcomes  to facilitate those changing to adapt quickly and well and to excel in  a disruptive-laden environment.

Through her engagement on high-impact national change programs as a senior change director, Cindy has translated strategy into Portfolios, Programs and Projects that enabled acquisitions, re-shaped business models, re-engineered processes, implemented technologies, and strengthened capabilities. Integrating change management with these initiatives, Cindy worked with Sponsors to optimize adoption and secure the benefits through sustainability. 

Cindy has also worked extensively building organizational change management capability through methodology development and customization as well as integration with strategy execution and project management disciplines. 

A graduate of the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, Cindy has augmented her MBA by investing deeply with multiple accreditations and certifications: Certified Change Management Practitioner (CCMP) from The Association of Change Management Professionals, Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard from Palladium Group and Certified Change Manager and Enterprise Change Management from Prosci Learning.

“Passionate about all aspects of change management, I have chosen to invest in The Change Management Institute because I believe their capability-based and methodology-agnostic approach provides substantial utility to both individuals and organizations.  This, along with their CMBOK, will elevate the Change Management profession and embed it as a core competency for the ever-evolving business landscape.”

Len Ball, Canada Co-Lead

Len’s career is about engaging and enabling people to change how they think, behave, and work. He specializes in leading transformation initiatives using a structured approach backed by extensive communications expertise. Meeting people, process, and technology projects where the needs are, he has helped organizations realize better adoption rates, decrease risk, and build change maturity in evolving business environments. 

Establishing organizational change management practices in the financial services industry, start-up and fintech worlds, and academia, Len has developed fit-for-purpose change frameworks, improved business processes, influenced corporate strategy, and reimagined communications to deliver successful programs and projects that meet the needs of today’s organizations. 

“The Change Management Institute is building community capability to elevate change management industry practices, a focus I am profoundly committed to. Their emphasis on change competency makes change management more practical, valuable, and sustainable for both individuals and organizations.” 

Chapter Committee

Allegra MacDonald – Community Engagement
Nicola Houston – Events
Rose Alcamo – Partnerships
Alex King – Accreditation Portfolio Lead

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