CMI is proud to be a sponsor of the following Change Management forums, conferences and events. 




Convergence Conference 2018 | Asia-Pacific’s Only Dedicated Change Management Conference

Melbourne, Australia | 23 to 24 April 2018

Designed for anyone dealing with organisation, programme or project level change, Convergence Australia is Asia-Pacific’s only dedicated change management conference. Now in it’s 3rd year, Convergence is asking “Whose Change Is It Anyway?” Answering this question will be leading international and Australian Change Practitioners in keynotes, workshops and seminars.

Not to be missed by anyone dealing in Change.

To view the Convergence Conference website and event details click here

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Day One | 23 April 2018  Full Price $1,210.00 CMI Member Discount $110 bringing CMI Member Price to $990 plus GST

Day Two | 24 April 2018 Full Price $1,210.00 CMI Member Discount $300 bringing CMI Member Price to $1700 plus GST

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Organization Design Forum | Designing for Agility and Innovation

Ann Arbour, Michigan USA | 24 to 26 April 2018

Designing for Agility and Innovation is the most pressing issue facing organizations as the workplace and our lives digitize.

Organizations are faced with difficult, seemingly paradoxical challenges. In complex environments, how do you scale and remain agile? How do we automate and keep people engaged in meaningful work? How do you organize for speed and keep pace with customer needs?

At ODF 2018, we’ll explore these questions facing organizations. To view the ODF website and event details click here.

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Management Consultancies Association (MCA) Awards | Change Management Consultant of the Year Award

London | 26 April 2018

We are excited to sponsor the “Change Management Consultant of the Year” category at this year's Management Consultancies Association (MCA) awards ceremony taking place in London in April.

For information on the full list of finalists in the running for all the prestigious MCA awards, please go here

Tickets are currently available to purchase if you would like to attend this exciting event. 




Change Leadership Conference 2018

Toronto, Canada | 30 May 2018

The Change Leadership 2018 conference is being organized to help prepare Leaders, Change Agents and Organizations to lead change in face of AI and Robotics! 

The Change Leadership’s mission is to accelerate the preparation of leaders, change agents, and organizations to respond dynamically to the rapid pace of Change and Innovation taking place around us.

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CMI Members will be able to attend this event at a discounted rate. Details are forthcoming shortly.