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View some of our latest event recordings:

Change Learning Circle | Enterprise Change Management

Global Panel Event, September 2019
Dr. Connie Henson, Learning Circle Facilitator

Conversations of Change with Dr. Jen Frahm

Queensland Event, September 2019
Dr Jen Frahm

Lessons from Behavioural Economics for Change Practitioners

Global Member Webinar, July 2019
Arun Pradhan, Founder, Learn2LearnApp
This recording is also available as a podcast. Listen here

Change Learning Circle | Creating Change Ready Organisations

Global Panel Event, March 2019
Dr. Connie Henson, Learning Circle Facilitator

Shaping the Future of Change Management Offices

Global Member Webinar, May 2019
Jane Judd, Global President

Cultures, Behaviours and Performance: How Behaviours Drive Performance

UK Speaker Event, May 2019
Adrian Furnham

Vodafone Business case study on building change capability across the organisation

UK Webinar, April 2019
Jo Biggin

Change Learning Circle | Change Leadership

Global Panel Event, March 2019
Dr. Connie Henson, Learning Circle Facilitator

Competency Models

Global Webinar, December 2018
Jane Judd, Global President  
Karla Micallef, Board Director of Standards

The Importance of Developing People Resilience

UK Speaker Event, November 2018
Dr Aarti Anhal

Being Ready for the Change Thats Coming | A UK NHS Case Study

UK Webinar Event, October 2018
Dr Helen Bevan OBE

Maximising Engagement through Behavioural Science and Nudge Theory

UK Speaker Event, October 2018
Chloe McDonald

The Modern Change Practitioner and the importance of learning outside your profession

UK Webinar, September 2018
Dr. Jen Frahm

Building Change Management Capability webinar

UK Webinar, July 2018
A Waitrose Case Study

Five surprising sources of negativity

Canada Webinar, July 2018
Dr. Linda Hoopes

Building Highly Effective Teams for the 21st Century

USA Webinar, June 2018
Dr. Jeb Hurley

Effecting Change through Stories 

Canada Webinar, June 2018
Charles McFarland of the Theatre of Storytelling

The Financial Value of Change Management 

UK Webinar, March 2018
Melanie Franklin

Pushing the Boundaries of Professional Practise

March 2018
Dr. Jen Frahm and Helen Palmer

Organisational Attachment 

March 2018
Dr Victoria Grady and Ian Noakes

Applied Improvisation 

November 2017