3 Laws of Stakeholder Engagement to Land successful Change (Midlands virtual event)

6:30pm Thursday, 4 March 2021
8:00pm Thursday, 4 March 2021

Event time is 1.30pm EST and 6.30pm GMT (Thursday 4th), 7.30am NZDT (Friday 5th)

Landing successful change is hard. With so many moving parts and complexity it's no surprise to see stakeholder management, or more specifically lack of it, appear on the list of common failures to achieve the outcomes you aspire to achieve. As a change practitioner you're having to spin many plates and in the time you have there is likely to be a limit to your reach when it comes to engaging with the wider stakeholders.

In this session Martin Johnson will demonstrate, through simulation, how to extend your 'daily reach' by simplifying the language used to engage with every individual within your community. We've worked hard for many years to minimise barriers of entry and maximise interaction, engagement and independent thinking using visual patterns. These visual patterns are powerful through digital media as well as physically in the room using different sized formats. Every individual has a voice and everything is connected! This language will be shared with you as BIGPICTURE® using the Digital Kit in this session to bring us all onto the same page.

Your take-away will be a series of new ideas and a practical specific method to help you make sense of change in your wider stakeholder group. You will be able to continue to use the digital resource following the session to create your own engagement, collaboration and outcomes.

As the principles underpinning this topic Mart has developed the 3 Laws of Engagement© and the 12 Practices of Engagement© for trackable, independently validated evidence that all of the above is working! As an attendee you will be offered a unique opportunity to become involved with their development. An example of the Laws applied in a change theatre is here.

About our speaker - Martin Johnson

Mart @YourBigPic is passionate about colleagues having a voice in the organisation. So much so that he has developed a product to do just that, BIG PICTURE©, to help colleagues join their dots at work. 

You can find out more from Mart at www.YourBigPic.com. You're invited to connect with him on LinkedIn so that we can start and continue the conversation around the specific time we have together.

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  • Times are 1.30pm EST and 6.30pm GMT (Thursday 4th), 7.30am NZDT (Friday 5th)
  • 90 minutes duration
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