Annual General Meeting

6:00pm Thursday, 16 November 2017
7:00pm Thursday, 16 November 2017
60 Margaret Street
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at 6pm on Thursday 16th November, in Sydney, Australia.

The AGM is open to all members of the Change Management Institute and will be accessible to all members globally via video conference. 

Video Conference Link

Please click here to join the AGM via video conference. Please note this will commence at 6pm local Sydney time. 

Annual General Meeting Focus

The AGM will include the following:

  • A review of the CMI focus and achievements to end of June 2017
  • Sharing of the financial position to end of June 2017 and acceptance of audited accounts
  • Confirmation of the focus for the coming year
  • Confirmation of the budget allocation of the coming year
  • Confirmation of Global Board members

The Annual General Meeting is a requirement of the Association and the President, Treasurer and other members of the Board will be present to lead the meeting and answer any questions you may have about the governance of the Change Management Institute.

Volunteering for Board Roles

How is the Board made up?

Your Global Board comprise the following eight roles:

4 x Office Bearers of the Association

  • President (Incumbent Jane Judd)
  • Vice-President  (Incumbent Kylie Malmberg)
  • Secretary (Based in Australia) Vacant
  • Treasurer (Based in Australia) (Incumbent Peter Fitzgerald)

4  x Ordinary Director Positions  - 3 Board Director Vacancies

We are seeking 3 Directors to support the following programme initiatives:

  • Thought Leadership and market trends in Change Management
  • Practice Leadership – evolution of practice at different levels of change maturity
  • Optimising technology across our association to keep our members connected
  • Strategic Marketing and Professional Communications
  • Leading the design of membership programmes for different segments

Board members are directors of the organisation and as such are required by the Associations Corporations Act (2009) to behave with care and diligence, in good faith, without improper use of their position and information in the best interests of the organisation.  It is helpful to have formal Director training or be a seasoned Executive who has experience of working in the Global context.

What roles are vacant?

There are four vacant roles requiring nominations and three roles where the incumbents have proposed to continue.  These will all be confirmed at the AGM.

The vacant roles we are actively seeking nominations for are:

 Board Role



  Ordinary Director    Creating and maintaining CMI's technology
    footprint to ensure members and volunteers can
    stay connected and collaborate locally and
    globally. Providing marketing guidance across all
    channels including social media.
2 years
  Ordinary Director    Ensuring our diverse membership needs have a
    voice and their needs are understood. Creating
    programmes and influencing content that 
    provides value to all of our member segments. 
2 years. 
  Ordinary Director    Identifying practise leadership opportunities to
    encourage member engagement and growth.
    Researching and following market trends to 
    inform the CMI voice on the future of the
1 year
  Secretary    Providing legal and compliance support to the
    Board and CMI. Ensuring we meet the
    requirements of an incorporated society and we
    demonstrate sound governance practise and
    decision making
1 year

For the following roles the incumbents are proposing to continue:

 Board Role



    Jane Judd2 years
  Vice President
    Kylie Malmberg (acting)1 year
    Peter Fitzgerald2 years


What do I do if I want to volunteer for a Board Role?

There is some formality around the process but don’t let that put you off. It’s interesting to find out more about how we work. Here are the steps:

  1. Review the role outlines and decide which initiatives you have capability and passion for
  2. Download and read the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest expectations to ensure you are comfortable about the expectations
  3. Speak to Bronte (Secretary) or Jane (President) and ask any questions you might have about the roles or how the Board operates
  4. Download and complete the nomination form
  5. Seek two CMI members to second your nomination
  6. Submit the nomination form to Bronte no later than 9th November 2017.

Access all of the relevant documents here 

Some additional information:

All board members must ensure that the company does not trade insolvently, that effective financial records are kept, that directors interests are disclosed, and the information is lodged in a timely manner with Australian Security Investment Commission.

Board members in relevant roles are expected to be a senior Change Management practitioner level and to ‘Walk the Talk’ would be expected to be CMI Accredited, if not already, then to go through the process while on the Board. Three members of the committee must reside in Australia due to incorporation rules. The Secretary and Treasurer roles must reside in Australia and at least one role must reside in New South Wales.

All Board members are required to attend Board meetings (generally 2 hours each month) and planning sessions 2-3 times per year (6 hours on a weekend typically 10am-4pm).

Most Board roles require a minimum of 4-6 hours per week intensive contribution.

For further information please refer to these AGM Resources.

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