AUS NSW: The Neuroscience of Conversations and Conversational Intelligence WEBINAR

6:00pm Thursday, 12 October 2017
7:00pm Thursday, 12 October 2017

Are you looking to find ways to improve your conversational and influencing skills?

This is a great opportunity to learn from Naomi Abbott, a thought leader in Conversational Intelligence who will be sharing some great techniques on having more effective change conversations.

A Stanford University study has proven that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark.  Such inefficient conversations are extremely costly, highly frustrating and a waste of time.

Conversational Intelligence®, also referred to as C-IQ, aims to address this.

It is a ground breaking, neuro-scientific framework that is revolutionising entire industries, and profoundly shifting the way we interact and connect as human beings.

C-IQ is the hardwired, and learnable, ability to connect, navigate and grow with others through conversation. It provides us with frameworks for building trust, which is the human platform from which great conversations emerge. C-IQ activates higher levels of engagement, strengthening partnerships, and catalysing co-creation and innovation in relationships, teams and cultures.

In this session, we will cover:

  • An overview of the neuroscience of conversations and the effect they have on relationships
  • The impact of trust and distrust on change and performance
  • The Conversational Intelligence® essentials that will help you transform your relationships with stakeholders, leaders, peers and team members.

Using these C-IQ essentials will elevate your change leadership and influence, and help you collaborate more effectively with diverse groups.

Practical Application

“Words create worlds”

-   Judith E. Glaser, author Conversational Intelligence – How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results

During this practical session, you will get below the tip of the iceberg of your change peers’ perspectives and practice the Conversational Intelligence essentials to tap into the collective intelligence in the room.

Naomi Abbott - Bio

Naomi Abbott is a coach and facilitator who assists individuals and teams to enhance their communication impact and activate trust at work. She believes that the vitality of the cultures we work in stems from the conversations we have, and these can either enrich or diminish the best of business strategies. Naomi is proud to be one of 250 inaugural coaches certified in Conversational Intelligence® worldwide, and through her business Conscious Presence she is transforming the way people lead, collaborate, navigate change and embrace innovation.

CMI NSW will be live streaming the first hour of the event so, if you can’t get to the event in person, you won’t miss out. Being part of the live stream audience, you’ll have your chance to ask Naomi questions online.

For those who can make it in person, you’ll have the opportunity to spend the full two-hours with Naomi and ask her in-depth questions and be part of the broader conversation.

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