“Benefits - Pessimists, Realists & Liars” (Midlands, UK)

6:15pm Wednesday, 20 June 2018
8:30pm Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Coventry City Council, Friargate
One Friargate
Coventry, Coventry (West Midlands district) CV1 2GN
United Kingdom

The Midlands Chapter, hosted by Coventry Council – bring you the opportunity to gain insights into “benefits management”. After rave reviews from our London Chapter, Claire Dellar of NHS, now brings her key insights to the Midlands…. Come and join us on 20th June to find out more…..

Many people ask “what are benefits?” and do not fully understand them, seeing them as a side-activity unconnected to the main activities of project, programme or change management – or just do not consider them at all.

Benefits management is not an activity, it is a mind-set. Described as ‘the golden thread’ from business case to business as usual, benefits are the reason we invest in doing things differently and are the anchor point of the changes we want to achieve

In a double bill, Claire Dellar will first tackle that most fundamental of questions, “why are we doing this, anyway?”, using fundamental benefits management techniques to help you frame your change initiative appropriately and tap into the ‘what’s in it for me’. Audience participation is essential, as Claire guides us through using problem statements to draw out the underlying reasons for change, how we will know change has been successful and injecting a little on reality into those Goldilocks business cases (one option too hot, one option too cold, one just perfect!)

In the second session, Claire touches on neuroscience, 1984 and the intelligence of penguins to help us understand why we never get benefits estimates right and how it is our business cases never come out with the results were expecting. With hints, tips and practical techniques for challenging and counteracting the cognitive biases which are part of our everyday lives, everyone will find something to think about.

As with all our events the evening provides opportunities to network and we welcome both existing members, potential new members and those with an interest in change management to come along and find out more about the Change Management Institute.

About our Speaker

Claire Dellar, Benefits Realisation and Change Specialist

Claire Dellar’s enthusiastic delivery and deep knowledge of her subject makes her an ideal presenter and seminar leader specialising in benefits realisation and change.

An accomplished public speaker, Claire has presented at conferences, seminars and workshops, including for organisations such as the Project Management Institute.

She’s also a huge Terry Pratchett fan and even uses his ‘trousers of time’ concept to explain cost avoidance and the ‘Sam Vimes boots theory of socio-economic unfairness’ for… we’re not entirely sure what. Perhaps you can ask her.

Claire doesn’t just know her Discworld, she spans both the analytical and stakeholder engagement aspects of the benefits realisation profession. Having spent over 15 years in the police and NHS, she currently works for NHS Digital, dividing her time between the health and social care integration programme and running training in practical benefits management for NHS and social care staff across England. Somehow she also found time to be contributing editor of the Change Activation Toolkit and is a guest lecturer in change psychology at Leeds University.

Oh and she doesn’t know who ate the chocolate. Sorry. 

“Thank you for taking the time to come and present to the students on the Process Modelling, Benefits and Change course last week. They found your session on change in the individual very interesting and insightful, and of course always appreciate hearing from someone from “the real world” to complement what they get from the academics!” Dr Ruth Evans, Leeds University Institute of Health Sciences”

Venue Information 

Friargate is conveniently located opposite Coventry railway station and is only a short walk from the city centre along the boulevard. There is time limited on-street car parking in clearly marked bays nearby.

The Coventy Council site suggests the following Car Parks: Manor House Car Park CV1 2EY (4 mins), Grosvenor Road Car Park CV1 3FF (4 mins), Cheylesmore Car Park CV1 2NTv (6 mins). More information can be found here.

We acknowledge and thank our event sponsor Coventry City Council for their support. 

Registration is from 5.45pm with the event due to start from 18:15. Times are UK BST. 

Members £10, Non-Members £15. Members should log in to claim this discount.

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