Building Change Capability - A Case Study from Waitrose (Members Webinar)

5:30pm Thursday, 26 July 2018
6:15pm Thursday, 26 July 2018

Introducing new technology across large organisations can be fraught with danger. First you need to get the technical part right to ensure the tech works, but you also have to ensure that the people side of the change is supported sufficiently.

Waitrose knew they had a challenge ahead of them when rolling out new devices to frontline staff. So they set-up an internal change practice to support the change effort. On-top of driving the adoption of new technology, the team had to tackle real culture and behaviour change to ensure that the programme was successful.

In this webinar we will hear how the initiative went about establishing a change practice, how they engaged the business and won ‘a seat at the table’, and how they successfully support 'people outcomes' for a complex technology transformation.

About our Speakers

Chris Pue

Chris has worked in the Change Management practice in Waitrose since its creation in 2017 where he is focused on Change methodology and how Change Management can support the successful delivery of transformational change across the John Lewis Partnership. Prior to this he has worked in project management, operational strategy and employee engagement.

Louise Hutchings

Louise has worked for the John Lewis Partnership for 17 years, moving over to change management in 2017. Previous to this Louise has delivered many IT change programmes across Waitrose including new data systems and buying systems. Prior to joining the change team, Louise worked as a Communications Manager within Waitrose Supply Chain.

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