Building Change Capacity by Hacking Your Brain (Members virtual workshop)

4:00pm Wednesday, 27 October 2021
5:30pm Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Event time is 4pm EDT, 9pm BST (October 27th), 7am AEDT, 9am NZDT (October 28th)

In this members only workshop hosted by the Canada chapter, we'll take a deep dive into one of the best-kept secrets in change management: how the brain responds to certain changes and how you can "hack" our adaptive system to reduce resistance while increasing change capacity and resilience.

Participants will walk away with a new understanding of:

  • Their own responses to change and how to process it
  • What we commonly do, without even realizing, that creates barriers and causes resistance, and
  • Easy to use tools like the Change Fingerprint and the Change Scorecard that can be used right away at home or at work.

This session will enable participants to make changes much easier to implement, make transitioning through change less uncomfortable and less costly, while also creating change-ready organisations with safer, more humanized work environments and happier, healthier, and more resilient employees. 

Competencies the event relates to: Facilitating Change, Coaching for Change, Self-Management.

About our speaker - Jacqueline Kappers

Jacqueline has wondered about the viability of the impossible, asked inconvenient questions, and stirred the pot in organisations in several countries, over several decades. With a background in organisational development, marketing, adult education, and professional coaching, Jacqueline has created programs, new ways of thinking about old problems, and been a change catalyst for not-for-profits, national and international government organisations, and financial institutions in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, and Canada.

Experience with failed change initiatives and tremendous personal loss led her to conclude that people may not easily adapt to changes, despite clearly communicated vision and benefits. A passion was born for learning about change, loss, how the brain adapts to change, and how these apply to the problem of resistance to organisational change.

She is a pioneer in a new but steadily emerging approach to change management, which focuses on minimising resistance and maximising adoption by preparing those impacted by change for the losses as well as the benefits. Her personal mission is to serve others by offering a new perspective on how humans experience change, thereby creating change resilience and emotional wellness.  She holds an MA in Organisational Development from the University of Utrecht, is a certified instructional designer, and professional coach. Jacqueline lives in London, Canada, and is often found making music, writing, or in discussion

Event details

  • Times are 4pm EDT, 9pm BST (October 27th), 7am AEDT, 9am NZST (October 28th)
  • 90 minutes duration
  • FREE for members

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