A Call for Conscious Change Leadership: Webinar Event (Australia)

6:15pm Tuesday, 18 September 2018
7:45pm Tuesday, 18 September 2018

If you are interested in raising the value you bring to your change consulting or leadership practice, this is a conversation worth participating in!

What you should expect from the session:

  • How to move beyond traditional approaches of change and project management to lead transformations
  • Deeper understanding of what conscious change leadership entails
  • A discussion on what transformation is and how it contrasts to other types of change leaders face every day
  • Insights on what it takes to address the people and process dynamics of transformation
  • An introduction to the Change Leader’s Roadmap process model and how to apply it to your projects

Many change efforts struggle to produce their intended results and these failed efforts are causing unnecessary resistance and low morale in organisations. Put simply, leaders are falling short in their efforts to lead change successfully. These struggles have given rise to the field of change management but change management strategies are proving insufficient for handling transformation. It calls for a new breed of leadership, Conscious Change Leadership.

This professional development session will explore the criteria for successful transformation, how it differs from other types of change and why change management alone will not suffice. We will discuss the meaning of Conscious Change Leadership and its three central pillars in supporting a successful approach to transformation:

  1. Creating an integrated change strategy
  2. Transforming mindset and behaviours
  3. Understanding the process dynamics of transformation

The Change Leaders’ Roadmap, a comprehensive change leadership methodology, will be outlined and explained. In this highly interactive session, we will draw on your change project experiences to bring the ideas and concepts to life and share case studies and client experiences on how to consciously lead transformations.

About our Speaker

Dr Pauline Lee (Founder and Director of Léargas Pty Ltd) is a Strategic Change Advisor to the C-Suite/SES on leading change. For the past 20 years, she has worked extensively with the Leaders in both the Public and Private Sectors to raise leadership capability and achieve business and cultural transformations.

She has developed deep industry expertise in the Australian Federal Government sector, consulting to several of the big Departments like Defence, Health, Finance, Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Immigration and Border Protection. She is currently advising the US and Australian Intelligence Agencies in Pine Gap on culture change. 

She has extensive coaching experience in supporting the vertical development of leaders, lectured on Organisational Psychology at the University of Melbourne and University College Dublin and has published on teams and leadership.

She holds a Doctorate of Organisational Psychology and is an Accredited Immunity to Change Coach. Her Strategic Change Consulting is guided by The Change Leader’s Roadmap, which was developed by Being First Inc. 

Pauline is married with two daughters. She enjoys travelling, keeping fit and a merry singsong.

Important Notes

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