Change Advocacy in the Age of Social Platforms (Webinar, VIC)

6:30pm Thursday, 8 March 2018
7:30pm Thursday, 8 March 2018

A big part of raising change maturity is ensuring we are vocal and visible advocates of good change management. It has never been easier to do this through the use of social platforms (Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yammer, Slack). Curiously, we don’t see much of it, or we see the same faces (voices) on social platforms. Ever wanted to do more, but not sure how?

In this (60 minute) webinar, Lena Ross and Gilbert Kruidenier will share what has and hasn't worked in their experience as change advocates on various social media platforms.

 You will also find out more about: 

  • identifying your purpose when using social media
  • iwhich platforms to use for which audience and purpose
  • ihow to get started and build online visibility

They will share the pitfalls and benefits, what’s worked and what hasn’t, the tension between personal branding and tall poppy syndrome, and outline easy steps for everyone to help raise change maturity publicly.

So Gilbert & Lena can tailor the webinar – take a minute to answer these three quick questions below via reply email by 26 February 2018:

  1. What stops you sharing success stories on social platform?
  2. When you think of personal branding – what questions come to mind?
  3. What do you most want to know about social media platforms?

About our speakers

Lena Ross

As an experienced change consultant with a reputation for valuable content creation and speaking at conferences and events, Lena has made a significant contribution to the change management profession. Since establishing her Melbourne-based consulting practice in 2016, #changehacksä , Lena been invited to share her expertise as a guest blogger on thought leadership sites such as Lean Change Management and Future of Work Hub. Lena’s work draws on the latest thinking in change management from areas such as design thinking, future of work, digital, hardwired human behaviour and agile mindset and approaches. With Dr Jennifer Frahm from Conversations of Change, Lena established and launched the change management media initiative titled #brainpickers.

Gilbert Kruidenier

Gilbert loves to fix things, connect dots and inspire engagement in others. He believes there's no such thing as too much communication, as long as it's relevant and to the point. He uses words and imagery to build foundations for growth by working with what’s available and unlocking hidden potential in people, connecting dots and unravelling complexity. He generally comes in, gets it done and then moves on, with his own unique ‘Dutch touch’ for challenging the status quo and rethinking how things could work. Gilbert believes people like change that has something in it for them and knows how to bring that to life. If you want to get him truly excited, start a conversation about the future of work or Cookie Monster and see what happens. When not working, he volunteers his time to SES and passionately advocates improving the lives of the homeless and achieving workplace equality.

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