Change Enabled Organisations (CEOs) (South West UK virtual session)

5:00pm Tuesday, 3 November 2020
6:30pm Tuesday, 3 November 2020

The principles & practices of “Change Enabled Organisations” are based upon a broader frame of reference that organisations are inherently complex; they operate as open adaptive systems.

Getting “hearts and minds” change to happen at scale in organisations has never been needed more, and yet it remains a huge challenge in most cases.  Continual, adaptive and dynamic change is likely to be the “difference that makes the difference” for organisations in these uncertain times. 

In this workshop hosted by the South West chapter, our facilitators will introduce their research that identifies the enablers AND disablers of continual change at play in organisations. Better still, by completing a short online questionnaire ahead of the session, participants will have the opportunity to discover the “opportunities for improvement” specific to their current organisation or team.

Competencies the event relates to: Facilitating Change, Coaching for Change and Professional Development. 

About our Facilitators  

Ben Simpson
Ben is a ‘recovering engineer’ who got seriously involved in the human side of change at scale for the first time in 2002.  In the intervening time his perspectives on organisational effectiveness, change and leadership have evolved immeasurably. He is continually struck by the latent talent, capability and creativity that resides in organisations and works with leaders and their teams to create better relationships, improve trust, increase autonomy, ditch bureaucracy and enable people to be the highest performing, and happiest version of themselves at work.   Ben is co-founder of Magus Bespoke Solutions ltd, Chairman of the Deming Alliance UK, visiting lecturer on the Bath MBA and Co-organiser of Reinventing Work: Bath

Denis Bourne
Denis led the research into “Change Enabled Organisations” and used that data to build the CEO Indexer© diagnostic. There are three themes that underpin his professional focus: change, learning and developing a better workplace for all. 

Change and learning are treated as if almost interchangeable – each enables the other.  Without change there are no new experiences and hence no new learning.  Without learning there is no chance of identifying what needs changing and how to change it.  In all cases, it is the system that is the object of attention – how can the system be changed so that the organisation wins; its customers win; and its people win?  One logical conclusion is that if it is the system that needs to be changed, the best people to do that are the people operating it.  They know the issues; they can work out the causes; and they can develop new methods that will satisfy the three criteria.

Learning by doing and focusing on the system leads to a change-enabled organisation; one in which everyone is having fun by being winners who are treated as responsible members of the organisational community.

Event details 

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