Crucial Conversations: Transforming people and relationships (Canada)

12:00pm Tuesday, 24 October 2017
1:00pm Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Please join CMI Canada for our October 2017 edition of our virtual webinar series.

In this webinar, Mr. Francesco Ientile will present a model to help identify a crucial conversation and how to assess the intensity to engage in it. He will introduce a few tools to use when stakes are high. Useful for everyone within those defining moments in our lives and careers; it can make all the difference.

About our speaker

Francesco Ientile, CPCC CSCC ACC
Executive Coach & Trainer

With over 25 years of professional experience changing lives and adding value to organizations, Francesco is a proven leader in business and personal development. Starting his career in the global NGO sector, Francesco progressed into multiple corporate roles working for Fortune 10 companies. Francesco brings a worldly approach to coaching and training that helps leaders, managers, and professionals return a sense of entrepreneurialism to the workplace while maintaining the scale and efficiency of complex organizations. Francesco is a powerful executive coach, a leader in the arena of coaching science, and a results oriented trainer. He is a successful sales and management facilitator on a mission to teach you how to be highly successful. He is a partner with Rooney Earl & Partners which is an authorized Sandler Training company throughout Ontario. With over 250 offices around the globe, Sandler Training is one of the world’s largest training organizations. Built on decades of experience and ongoing development, Sandler Training continues to deliver value over time with its concepts of reinforcement training founded on the basic principles of the psychology of human behaviour.

The $20 webinar fee is waived to support the launch of CMI Canada. All times are Eastern Time.

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