A fresh approach to change - Using Human Nature (Members Webinar)

1:00pm Tuesday, 20 August 2019
2:00pm Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Conventional thinking assumes that “people resist change”, but that’s misguided and has severely restricted our ability to lead change. If humans were wired to resist change.... we’d be still living in caves!

People’s response to change is overwhelmingly driven by our instincts as a species. Those instincts were formed in our ancestral setting before we suddenly changed our habitat with the Industrial Revolution and moved into offices and factories. In terms of our response to change, it might look like resistance, but it’s not. It’s an interplay of our instinct to Classify and if we can’t yet make sense of the impact of a change, the default reaction is driven by Loss Aversion. And to test our reactions, we engage in Gossip.

Knowing about instincts transforms the ability of change professionals to lead change. We move from a negative self-fulfilling prophecy of expecting resistance to change to a positive course of practical actions. The approach adds to your professional toolkit.

The learning outcomes of this Webinar include:

  1. Insight into the framework of 9 human instincts
  2. Understanding of what happens to humans when we face change
  3. Making use of the instincts of snap judgments, fear, and gossip
  4. Case study applications of the human instincts approach to restructures, relocations and acquisitions.

This webinar is aimed at practicing change managers, particularly those at the Specialist level of the Change Management Institute's Change Manager Competency Model. Though anyone in the change field is welcome to participate!

This event is part of our quarterly theme of Change Psychology, which is also currently being explored by our Australian Chapters.

About our Speaker

Andrew O’Keeffe is the director of Hardwired Humans and helps organisations align their leadership practices to human instincts. Andrew is author of Hardwired Humans and The Boss, and his background is in senior HR roles in IBM, Optus, SKM and Hewitt Associates. Early in his career he worked in industrial relations in the mining and manufacturing industries.

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