IKIGAI - Inner Clarity in times of change (London, 1 December)

7:00pm Tuesday, 1 December 2020
8:00pm Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Time to Reassess

Every part of civil society is going through unprecedented challenges through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The health and economic issues rightly receive attention. However, the mass impact on our inner self, our identity and future goals is incalculable and should not be underestimated. Many are reassessing their lives, purpose and future direction. Corporate leaders that take this unique opportunity to engage and support themselves and their team members will be rewarded with greater sense of belonging and workplace moral. But how do such conversations begin in a constructive and transparent?

Workshop – Ikigai for a long, healthy and happy life

Join us for this interactive event to begin a constructive conversation in the safe environment of a virtual workshop, delivered by Assim Ishaque of The Entrepreneurs Trust, an award-winning innovator business speaker. This will be a positive and fun workshop, designed around the needs of busy professionals, who are juggling the challenges of work and life to find ‘balance’. The ancient, but timely Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’ has been proven to lead to a long, healthy, joyful and productive life. The aim of this workshop will be to:

  • Review our internal and external identity
  • Start to gain clarity on our life passions
  • Consider your own personal mission
  • Regain enthusiasm for the future

We will be using a structured process with all attendees working as individuals with the opportunity to reflect as a group.

About our Speaker  |  Assim Ishaque

Assim Ishaque is an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur that has been involved in over $2billion of business, energy and infrastructure projects.

He has studied the cause of business failure through his own painful experiences and devised powerful tools that can help protect entrepreneurs from failure and is now successfully using for his own business benefit. He’s on a mission to teach entrepreneurs about the reality of the business journey to protect them from similar pain and learn from his experience rather than making your own costly failures.

Most recently he has been commercialising research work with academics at Birmingham City University in creativity, health-tech, digital platforms, urban transition and academic consultancy projects. He has established The Entrepreneurs Trust to share the truth about being an entrepreneur. He is a coach to innovators, change makers and consultants. He also advises innovation-driven enterprises in their scale-up journeys and delivers unique entrepreneurial seminars with leading accelerators.

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  • Times are 2pm EST, 7pm GMT on 1 December and 8am NZDT on 2 December

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