The Importance of Developing People Resilience (London, UK)

6:00pm Wednesday, 21 November 2018
9:00pm Wednesday, 21 November 2018
Lloyds Register
71 Fenchurch Street
London, London City of EC3M 4BS
United Kingdom

Exploring the importance and impacts that wellbeing and personal resilience have on an organisation’s workforce and their ability to adapt, survive and thrive in time of complex change.

Our ability to lead on and deliver change programmes in today’s complex, ambiguous and fast-moving environment requires our Business Leaders, Change Managers and Transformation Teams to be resilient – do they know how to overcome failure, learn from it and adapt their approach to ensure a successful outcome?

Yet, weak design and poor execution of organisational change often undermines the essential capability we rely upon in times of change to be resilient – our psychological wellbeing.

The London Chapter are pleased to partner with Dr Aarti Anhal, Founder of before nine, as we explore the intrinsic connections between the wellbeing and personal resilience of an organisation’s workforce and its ability to adapt, survive and thrive in changing times. She will provide practical strategies and tools that can be used by Change Managers to put wellbeing and people resilience at the heart of their programmes ensuring that change is both healthy and successful.

About our Speaker 

Dr Aarti Anhal is a resilience coach, consultant and mentor. Having worked as a Partner, COO and management consultant in the fields of risk and resilience since 2001, she has had the pleasure of helping businesses across the retail, financial services, aviation and rail sectors to develop their people so that they can mitigate the challenges they face in achieving operational, commercial and strategic success. She now runs before nine, a consultancy on a mission to redefine resilience, by putting people first.

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