LONDON: Is Enterprise Change Management Important?

6:00pm Tuesday, 14 November 2017
9:00pm Tuesday, 14 November 2017
The Home Office
Marsham St
Westminster, London City of NW1
United Kingdom

Enterprise Change Management (ECM) helps those impacted by change to adapt and adopt new ways of working quickly, broadly and effectively?  ECM supports an organisation to deliver change and transformation by supporting all those impacted irrespective of location, seniority or relationship to the change including third parties and the consumer/public/end user.  

Join Mark Osborne, a leader in the Transformation and Strategy Directorate within the Home Office and Deborah Feakins, Director at Marlowe Consulting, as we explore delivering change through ECM.

In this session we will discuss the benefits and challenges of creating a culture of ECM as part of a people based approach to transformation. Through the case study of the Home Office and its current work to ensure that Change Management is embraced across the organisation we will explore how large, diverse organisations can adopt locally developed/adapted approaches to Change Management and still collectively achieve a common, shared vision.

The session will be highly interactive as we seek your thoughts and experiences as individuals engaged in managing or directly impacted by organisational change. Pulling the collective experience together we hope to provide thoughts on best practice of how ECM may be delivered practically in our fast paced changing world.

Mark Osborne – Home Office  - Strategy and Transformation Directorate

Mark has successfully delivered business change, projects, programmes and transformation for over 20 years; working in the private and public sector as a customer, supplier and consultant. With a strong background in formal tools, techniques and approaches he is increasingly interested in the cultural aspects of transformation and in his current role focusses on how large, diverse organisations can adopt different approaches to achieving a shared vision.

Deborah Feakins – Marlowe Consulting - Director

Former head of the CMI in the UK and specialising in Change Management for the last 12 years Deborah was the first Change Management Institute Accredited Change ManagerMaster in Europe and supports and advises organisations on setting out clear change management strategies to deliver successful, intentional change. She provides organisations from multiple sectors (including public and private), with best practice and thought leadership through practical delivery support, coaching and mentoring to help realise transformation benefits and grow capability.

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