Masterclass: IAG landing multiple initiatives (NSW, AU) Webinar

12:00pm Wednesday, 15 November 2017
1:00pm Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Most large companies are not faced with managing just one initiative but a multitude of initiatives at the same time.  For large organisations this can be hundreds. As change practitioners how do we lead the organization through this chaos? 

The session covers the step-by-step process of how Insurance Australia Group, one of the largest insurers in Australia, has used a simple analogy of the airport to manage the landing of a multitude of initiatives (a recent Linkedin posting received 300+ likes).  This helps different stakeholders understand clearly every's roles, and the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of the various routines and readiness activities. 

The business also starts to learn and develop mechanisms for improving business performance during change.  Moreover, it puts Change Management front and center in driving strategic discussions and decisions. 

Euan Wu is a senior change practitioner who has a track record of setting industry best practices. He has published at the Journal of Organizational Development and is certified in Six Sigma. 

Euan has held global and regional (Asia Pacific) leadership roles in transformation and Organizational Development at Intel and Motorola.  He was also the Head of Change Management at National Australia Bank where an independent global benchmarking firm recognised his work in setting up the enterprise change function as 'best in class'. 

Having lived across eight countries he now resides back in Australia and heads up Change Management for the largest division at Insurance Australia Group. 

He is also the Director of The Change Compass, a proprietary tool that helps companies create one integrated view of change impacts and a system of managing a portfolio of changes.  Euan received his business education from INSEAD, Charles Sturt University and UNSW and is also a certified psychologist. 

Join Euan for this fascinating insight in to IAG.

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