A Masterclass Taster Session - Neuroscience of Employee Engagement (Buckinghamshire, UK)

6:30pm Tuesday, 11 June 2019
8:00pm Tuesday, 11 June 2019
Network Rail
The Quadrant MK, Elder Gate
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK9 1EN
United Kingdom

Poor performance, disengagement, low morale and absenteeism are pain points every Manager dreads, as these inevitably have a huge impact on productivity, sales and company profits. Too many workplaces are still operating under the negative force of stress. Employees may achieve results; they perform, they get work done – but they rarely thrive. Such problems can't just be 'managed,' they need to be eliminated.

In recent times business leaders are being equipped with insights from neuroscience and positive psychology to lead and influence others to produce new levels of organisational performance.

Because the brain is hardwired for survival, change is often perceived as a threat. The cognitive dynamics people face are so well practised; such as how they sell ideas, run meetings, manage others, and communicate, that trying to change any hardwired habit requires a lot of effort and attention.

Teamworking International (TWI) will demonstrate how the process of focusing on the positive aspects of proposed change, asking questions, and listening actively to employees’ concerns enhances the brain’s ability to adjust its response to change and perceive it as non-threatening.

Immediate benefits:

  • Generate confidence and self-belief in your people; instilling a desire to succeed & push boundaries
  • Eliminate conflict and stress before they become damaging issues
  • Banish the ‘blame game’ and develop a culture of ownership and accountability
  • Focus on solutions and positivity rather than problems
  • Engage your millennials
  • Demand people’s best efforts – and celebrate their success

About our Speaker 

Tom Flatau is an internationally acclaimed speaker and leadership coach. His work is based on understanding human instincts and behaviour, derived from up-to-the-minute research in the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology.

Tom will help you make positive changes to your beliefs, feelings and habits that impact your performance and interactions.  As a result, you will become happier and more effective.  Team collaboration and external interactions will improve with immediate and lasting benefit to you and those around you.


We acknowledge and thank our event sponsor Network Rail for their support. 

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Members free, non-members £10. Members should login to claim the discount. Registration from 6pm with the event commencing at 6.30pm. Times are BST. There is free parking outside the building from 6pm. The Quadrant is a 5-minute walk from Milton Keynes Railway Station.

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