The Neuroscience of change - what makes people tick and how do you get change to stick? (Manchester, UK)

7:45am Friday, 29 June 2018
10:15am Friday, 29 June 2018
King Street Townhouse Hotel
10 Booth Street
Manchester, Manchester M2 4AW
United Kingdom

This interactive session will be split across two key themes. To kick off, it will be demonstrated how fundamentally our behaviours and our feelings are driven by our thinking, that the only way to create positive and lasting change and dramatically improve how we perform - in all walks of life - is to change the way we think.

Secondly, what makes people tick and how you can help your employees to get change to stick will be explored.  Understanding the neuroscience of the brain and where our emotions come from will really help you and your teams to meet the challenge of change head on and in the most effective way.

What if we could help you with five easy to learn tips that give you the tools to not only effect change well but engage and stimulate your people at the same time? Sounds like magic? Definitely not - come along to this informative, interactive and inspiring event and find out for yourself!

Ideal for managers and leaders in organisations who have an interest in stimulating effective change and making it stick.

About our Speakers 

James Dalton is the self-driven, dynamic, inspirational and creative CEO of E3i, an innovative HR consultancy with specialisms in HR process transformation, employee engagement, culture change, coaching, training development and delivery and wellbeing. James has over 20 years’ experience in all Human Resources disciplines in the challenging operational environments of retail and public transport. He has a passion to transform the world of work to make them great places to work for all employees and to bring the associated benefits that are brought to a business through exemplary employee engagement.

Simon Calderbank is an expert in leadership development and runs positive change and growth mindset courses across the country for everyone from CEOs of multi-national companies to troubled teenagers on the edge of the criminal justice system. Coached and mentored by i2i’s Michael Finnigan, Simon’s approach draws on behaviours and personal resilience and he loves the powerful legacies it leaves on those he works with. Through a blend of psychology and powerful stories, Simon helps people understand how to become more positive, more resilient, more focussed and fundamentally, at their brilliant best no matter what curveballs life throws their way.

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Event Timing

7:45-8:15: Arrival with tea, coffee and pastries

8:15- 10:15: Event

10:15-12:00: Post event networking opportunity

We thank our event sponsor E3i The People Experts Human Resources Consultancy for their support. 


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