Ninjas of Opinion (London, UK)

6:00pm Monday, 28 October 2019
9:00pm Monday, 28 October 2019
North Highland
120 Holborn
London, London City of EC1N 2TD
United Kingdom
  • Should senior leaders nominate change champions or advocates? Or should the champions just nominate themselves?
  • Is there a more scientific way to identify the real influencers or Ninjas of Opinion, as we like to call them?
  • What would you do if you knew precisely who the top 3% of influencers are in your organisation?
  • How do you ensure they remain unbiased while leveraging them to influence employee sentiment?

Michael Nord, Treasurer of IABC and Principal Consultant at The Fifth Business, and Priyanka Rajkumar, UK Regional Director and Principal Consultant at The Fifth Business, are joining us to explore the concept of Ninjas of Opinion and how they can shape and drive change and business transformation.

Identify the right 3% of employees to influence your entire organisation through change and enhanced collaboration.

In 1989, Sidney Yoshida undertook a major study in which he found that only 4% of problems are known to the top managers, 9% of problems known to middle managers and 100% of problems known to front-line workers. These findings were visually represented in what Yoshida called the Iceberg of Ignorance.

According to Accenture, ecosystems have become a cornerstone of future growth. For organisations to be successful and competitive, being agile is a way of working that enables future growth, and internal ecosystems can play an important part in this.

But how do you go about identifying the influencers in ecosystems?

The Fifth Business has developed strategies that have helped teams and organisations identify internal influencers, enabling better understanding and support for major transformation and change initiatives.

Identifying the right people inside any organisation can help change managers reach all corners of the company, support communicators in their work to identify the ‘real’ issues and propel any company into a more coherent and connected organisation.

Some say that being able to identify the influencers inside your organisation is the ‘ultimate change and communications strategy’. Why? Because it reduces friction and increases impact. It’s about finding the bullseye segment, the uber target, and turning that into your channel of ninjas.

About our Speakers

Michael Nord 
The Fifth Business Client Relations Director and principal communications consultant with more than 25 years of experience across internal and external communications. A member of the IABC, he holds an MBA in leadership and communications.

Priyanka Rajkumar
The Fifth Business Regional Director of the UK and principal communications consultant with more than 20 years of experience specialising in change management and internal communications. She is also a member of the Change Management Institute. 

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