Positive Change Intervention (Canadian Webinar)

11:55am Tuesday, 24 April 2018
1:00pm Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Despite the rise in conversations for action on psychologically safe workplaces, most consultants remain in the dark when it comes to knowing if and how their interventions will actually make a difference.

What are you doing now to make sure your change is respectful? How are you currently measuring your impact on performance? Are you up-to-date with improved anti-bullying and harassment legislation?

Join Pauline Melnyk as she shares how Positive Psychology and Well-Being Theory are: influencing the change efforts in organizations, help to take actionable steps that lead to personal growth, empowers employees and managers to act more resourcefully and create lasting organizational drivers that impact employees in their personal lives.

Pauline Melnyk

Pauline is the Director and Principal Consultant at Melnyk Consulting, who listens to the individual and the flow within an organization to affect change. As both an advocate for eliminating psychological harassment - bullying in workplaces and helping employees get back to functioning in a healthy work environment she focusses on changing and intervening in the system that created the behaviour.  Pauline has been coaching leaders and Executives for now close on 20 years, and demonstrates the importance of observing the behaviours showing up in the business and in leaders; and honestly providing feedback straight on. This can be a difficult conversation carried out with the best intent and interest of helping those responsible for making the next ‘logical’ step forward in creating wellness.

Pauline knows change. Pauline brings high energy, professionalism, passion and dedication to client service and program development, enabling behaviour and organizational change at every level. As a member or associate of nearly a dozen professional organizations, change and human behaviour are a constant focus in her business and personal pursuits. Pauline is a strong advocate for changing the behaviours, symbols and systems that create Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces. 

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We thank our event sponsors Melnyk Consultancy.

Certified Positive Psychology Coach'. Positive Change Interventions for employees undergoing change, Psychological safety in the workplace (legislation forthcoming).

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