Powering Performance Through Relationships (Members Webinar)

1:00pm Tuesday, 24 September 2019
2:00pm Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Brain science has demonstrated how our social brain influences the way we think, the decisions we make and ultimately what we do. Change managers that understand the role of the ‘social brain’ are better able to predict reactions of diverse stakeholders and shape their mindset and behaviour to more quickly meet project targets.

In a world where change has become constant, conflict is inevitable. Knowing how to recognise and manage dissenting views early, is the difference between innovative design and implementation versus projects that fail or are slow to meet their objectives.

Business transformation occurs when enough people are committed to a new way of thinking and behaving. Leading transformation or a complex change project requires the ability to influence not just the people who are ‘with you’ but also persuading a diverse range of stakeholders, including those who are more hesitant and even those that are resistant to the shift.

Brain science provides a perspective to help change managers understand and leverage the power of relationships. Additionally, the ability to create the alignment and collaboration necessary to achieve the desired shifts within the business.

Our research and experience have found that when certain conditions are in place, it is easier to form and maintain effective relationships with people who have diverse perspectives and needs.

Participants in this webinar will:

  • Understand the brain science behind building strong work relationships,
  • Recognise the impact of inclusion/exclusion on performance, commitment to change and personal health and well-being,
  • Be exposed to methods for predicting reactions and tools for shaping more favourable responses,
  • Understand the neuroscience of building trust, and
  • Learn the conditions that are necessary for constructing an interpersonal environment that promotes cooperation and collaboration.

This webinar’s language and the content will be aimed at change practitioners, particularly those at the Foundation level of the Change Management Institute's Change Manager Competency Model. Though, everyone needs to understand how they can use relationships to assist them and can take a look at Connie’s work to dive deeper into the knowledge base and her work at a higher level if they wish.

This event is part of our quarterly theme of Change Psychology, which is also currently being explored by our Australian Chapters.

About our Speaker - Dr. Connie Henson

Dr. Connie Henson is the author of BrainWise Leadership: Practical neuroscience to survive and thrive at work, the founder and Managing Director of Learning Quest, and the creator of Learning Quest’s science-based Mind Management™ methodology.

Connie has international experience facilitating cultural change and business transformation, and diverse industry experience including corporate, SME, not-for-profit and government.

A lively presenter, Connie’s passion for the science of ‘how people work’ enables her to apply the most current research and techniques in a way that is both practical and entertaining. Her talks encourage high interaction and quickly get people thinking and working differently.

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