Purpose Driven Change to Drive Growth (South East member webinar)

6:00pm Thursday, 22 April 2021
7:30pm Thursday, 22 April 2021

Event time is 1pm EDT and 6pm BST

Creating value for the conscious consumer.

The challenges facing many organisations' survival are multi-faceted; these include climate change and sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, culture and ineffective leadership. In Chidi Ameke's latest book, Purpose-Driven Transformation: The Corporate Leader's Guide to Value Creation and Growth, Chidi tackles these issues head-on and provides tools, strategies and frameworks for corporations, institutions and organisations to connect with ethically-driven or "conscious-consumers" to drive growth.

Many of the values of tomorrow will be enabled by smart technologies. In this presentation, Chidi will unpack the Value Creation Framework from his latest book. He will share inspired and future-focused customer value propositions that are likely to drive product innovation and organisational change. Armed with this insight, you can future-proof your organisation and drive effective change. 

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Competencies the event relates to: Facilitating Change, Communicating Effectively.

About our speaker

Chidi Ameke is a UK-based advertising, marketing and digital professional with over 20 years' experience. He is the Head of Delivery, Europe, for a global customer engagement company; part of a global supply chain management company for leading brands. He has worked as an advisory consultant for Dell EMC and successfully leads project and programme teams.

Chidi has led organisational change management, deploying the techniques described in his first bestseller book, The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How to Successfully Lead and Implement Change in Your Organisation.

His latest book, Purpose-Driven Transformation: The Corporate Leader's Guide to Value Creation and Growth, provides leaders with the theories, principles and framework to drive organisational change and growth. While working for Sir Elton John, he produced the acclaimed documentary, Elton in Four Decades. 

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