Self-care Practices for CM Professionals (VIC, AU)

6:15pm Wednesday, 28 March 2018
7:45pm Wednesday, 28 March 2018
440 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Who’s taking care of you in all that change? Isn't it about time we acknowledge that in a people-centric profession like OCM, there are real people who have real reactions and responses to what is going on? If we are more mindful and shape a more caring and compassionate response and context for change, our work and outcomes will be fundamentally more humane and get better results.

We'll identify real and useful means for self-care in real world change contexts, for example how harmful versions of human responses of flight, fight and freeze can be mitigated or avoided.

Helen Palmer will explain how to show and implement self-respect for your professional capability and capacity. Let's avoid burn-out! You owe it to yourself to be a true professional in your professional practice.

We'll also spend some time looking at both the change practitioner and the change targets in the organisational change context, the interactions between the two are an opportunity for harm and for care – make it the latter!

What to expect to get out of this session:

  • A framework for exploring self-care activities you can do immediately
  • Insights about when and how self-care might be necessary
  • Practical advice for self-care from both long-term and immediate perspectives
  • Some inspiration to make personal change happen

Helen Palmer

Helen is the founder of Questo, a business platform for transforming how organisations and individuals make change in their workspace. Helen cares about people and understands the human factors that are so essential for productive healthy lives.  She’s seen and learnt much from guiding the journeys of people undergoing big and small changes at work. She mixes theory with deep experience and creative approaches to provide everyday people with pragmatic advice they can implement.

Helen has over three decades experience in helping workplaces in Australia, Japan and NZ. She has a reputation for cleverly balancing the realities of business with the complexities of people.  She’s like a Swiss Army knife of expertise and performs her magic through facilitating, advising, designing, teaching, coaching and writing.

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