Strategic vs Tactical Change Management Leadership Panel (Toronto, CAN)

7:45am Tuesday, 20 November 2018
10:00am Tuesday, 20 November 2018
TD Tower, 54th Floor
66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1A2

Join us for this live and in-person panel discussion in Toronto to discuss the difference between "strategic" and "tactical" change management and why it matters. 

In back rooms across Canada, Change Management practitioners often rail against tendencies to view Change Management as "just communications and training" or overly process (or check list) driven.

While this "tactical" view of change management might be sufficient for incremental or linear change it is a disaster for more significant transformational change where culture shift or business model changes and a more robust, perhaps "strategic", approach is called for. 

Furthermore, considering the volume and velocity of change that organizations are driving today, should we be taking a longer, wider and more strategic view of how organizations adapt?

We are bringing together Change Management leaders from three very different organizations to discuss and debate these topics:

Carmen Klein
Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness and Systems,  Cadillac Fairview

Linda Morgan
Program Manager, Organizational Development, Research and Development Operations, Shopify

Ilana Segal
Independent Coach and Senior Change Management Practitioner

We will explore the dimensions of this topic:

  • Definitions of tactical and strategic – key differences
  • How change management value is achieved at the strategic level/at the tactical level – different outcomes are achieved at each level
  • The language of strategic change management vs tactical change management
  • Difference between a strategic plan and a tactical plan
  • What does working at the strategic level look like – who are you working with, what kinds of changes are you engaged in supporting, what questions are you looking to answer, what problems are you working to solve?
  • What does working at the tactical level look like – what kind of work does this entail?
  • What does it look like to work at both – making sure you engage the right people in the right work along with you
  • Can you do one without the other?

Come and "stir the pot" with us.

Event Timings

  • Registration 7:45am
  • Panel 8:15 –9:30am
  • Networking 9:30-10am

We acknowledge and thank our event sponsor TD Bank for their support. 

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