Tasmania Virtual Change Chat - delivering change in a toxic culture (Australia and NZ members)

12:30pm Tuesday, 22 June 2021
1:15pm Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Event time is 12.30pm AEST, 2.30pm NZST

Organisational culture is often defined as ‘the way things are done around here’. So, what happens if the way things are done, is toxic and that is the environment into which we need to deliver a change.  

By toxic we mean, difficult, strained, fraught with blame, passive-aggressive, has low engagement scores, poor leadership etc! 

Whilst we hope to never work in an environment where all those elements are present, it is the reality that as change practitioners we are brought in to deliver change within a ‘not-so-positive’ organisational culture.   

A change can improve an organisation’s culture, or at least contribute to its incremental improvement however, it can prove challenging to do in a culture that is already ‘difficult’.  

In our June Change Chat, we’re going to talk about how to identify poor culture and discuss our experiences so we can learn about what people did (or are doing) to ensure the change was delivered and probably more importantly, you were able to stay sane in the process!  Come along willing and ready to share your experiences.  

Competencies the event relates to: Influencing Others, Coaching for Change and Communicating Effectively. 

About our facilitators

The Tasmanian chapter committee will run the chat, led by Committee Volunteers, Mary-Ellen Catchpole and Mel Davies

Mary-Ellen is a change consultant who works on various programs across the country. Now landed in Tasmania, she will kick off the chat and then facilitate the chat.  

Her partner in crime for this chat is Mel Davies, who is another wonderful change consultant, based in Hobart.  

Event details

  • Times are 12.30pm AEST, 2.30pm NZST
  • 45 minutes duration
  • FREE for members

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