Thought Leadership Webinar: We-Q with Founder Simon Confino (Webinar, USA)

12:00pm Thursday, 13 December 2018
1:00pm Thursday, 13 December 2018

In this interactive and engaging webinar, we will explore the concepts and the practice of We-Q with Founder Simon Confino who will demo the way it can support change consultants in their work. This new and progressive diagnostic App methodology enables teams to rapidly increase awareness of its team dynamic, build trust and enable courageous conversations.

As users of We-Q have cited, "we have changed the way we run our meetings. People feel able to express themselves on the emotional stuff: being more open and transparent, and better able to understand organizational barriers in the way." Simply put, We-Q makes the invisible visible.

This tool will re-tool your way of running meetings and connecting with others in your organization. 

About our Speaker 

In a working career spanning over 30 years, Simon Confino has been an employee to Board Level, an Employer, an Entrepreneur, and an Innovator.  As an organizational psychologist, coach and team facilitator, he has developed a deep understanding of team dynamics. As founder of We-Q, he focuses on 'Collaborative Intelligence,' the ability of a team to fulfil its purpose and thrive sustainably.  He profoundly believes that we have a responsibility to reshape organizational life by placing our humanity at the center to protect the future of our loved ones and our precious earth. In his spare time, Simon blogs for the Huffington Post on Collaborative Intelligence and is writing a book entitled Black Blood, an eco-thriller about the fossils in fossil fuels. 

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