Three lessons from comedy to help you overcome resistance to change (London Webinar)

6:00pm Tuesday, 27 July 2021
7:00pm Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Event time is 1pm EDT and 6pm BST

  • Have you ever had a great idea BUT others don’t believe in it like you do?
  • Have you ever delivered a presentation BUT your audience aren’t engaged?
  • Have you ever tried to deliver an improvement BUT faced resistance?
  • Have you ever tried to land something that you think is straight forward BUT were confronted with negativity?

If you relate to any of these, then this webinar is for you!

Not many people go to work to purposefully do a bad job, but how do we as change people and leaders enable them to do a good one. 

Change is different for everyone, a small change to you could be deemed a massive change to someone else. How do you understand and overcome this?

In stand-up comedy jokes are NOT the most important thing to successfully delivering laughs, just like for change people white boards, problem solving structures and visual management are not the most important things in delivering successful change.

If we consider these things as our ‘material’ these are the 3rd most important elements to successfully delivering change and what most people resist. Are you curious to discover what is more important that the tools and techniques you have been trained in, that will help you land them more successfully?

Join the London chapter and Lee Houghton to find out. 

Lee tells us that when he was promoted to his first permanent change role in 2007 and shared the news with his friends he was greeted with “Oh, you aren’t one of them are you?” from his best mate. "You know, one of THEM, who go to where people work and tell them how to do their job better, if you come into where I work and tell me how to do my job better, I will tell you to GET LOST” For the next 15 years Lee has had those words consciously ringing in his ears.

Lee will share with us the 3 fundamental things to enable successful delivery of improvement, whether that’s to an individual, a team or a whole business.

About our speaker - Lee Houghton

A business improvement coach who prides himself on helping people and teams make today better than yesterday, a load of people can say these things. BUT what makes me different is my random journey to get to where I am, with one pivotal moment in losing my best mate ‘Chris’ after his brave cancer battle that changed my life forever.

My random journey has included 16 years delivering change, writing 5 children books, owning a bouncy castle business and being a DJ, including 18 months DJ'ing dressed as a monkey.... all these things have shaped me on my career journey from data input administrator to co-founding my own improvement business in 2018 called ‘Get Knowledge’. BUT, as a shiny object syndrome sufferer, it was losing Chris that has sharpened my focus on how to successfully deliver sustainable change.

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