Using Heart Math to Manage Change (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

6:00pm Wednesday, 20 November 2019
8:00pm Wednesday, 20 November 2019
Natwest Entrepreneurial Spark
2nd Floor, 1 Trinity Gardens
Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2HF
United Kingdom

The ability to manage the way one responds to events and the ability to communicate effectively is fundamental for leaders of change. This workshop will focus on the change management practitioner and how you can use different tools and techniques such as Heart Math and Psy-Tap to confidently cope with people and changing situations.

When our nervous system gets ‘stuck’ in “fight of flight” mode, we get off balance and stressed – which can  make “smart people do not-so-smart things”!  We tend to not think straight or feel great, and not enjoy what we are doing – both in our personal and professional lives.

At the workshop we will share some of the science behind how our heart rhythms influence how we think and feel, and practical ways to bring mind and body back into balance.

So that you ultimately manage your responses to people and changing situations, and achieve positive outcomes.

This is an interactive workshop. It is suitable for anyone interested in change management.

About our Speaker

Ray Taylor, Director, and Consultant. Ray supports people to be their best. Ray is a collaborator, Life Coach, People Consultant, Psy-Tap Practitioner, and HeartMath Coach.

Ray is the Founder of Reach Beyond. His personal and professional life revolves around three core values: Learning, Curiosity, And Laughter. Ray is a HeartMath Certified Coach and a Psy-Tap Practitioner.

Ray focusses on bringing the Heart and Mind Together! How often is your mind on the job but your heart just isn't in it? Or something felt really good to do, but you told yourself that you didn't have the time, or that it wasn't that important.

Ray teaches people to understand their nervous system, release blocks to performance, and regulate their emotions and heart rhythms to be coherent - to think straight and to feel great.

About our event sponsor

Entrepreneurial Spark is a team of mindset enablers. Since our creation six years ago we have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to create positive social change. We do this via a unique focus on developing the mindset and behaviours of every individual we work with making them more resilient, action-led and focused, true entrepreneurial leaders. We are now taking this way of thinking to new markets, new customers and the wider public with our unique mindset development programmes.

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