Watercare’s Transformation Journey (Auckland, NZ)

5:15pm Thursday, 22 August 2019
7:00pm Thursday, 22 August 2019
Watercare Services Limited
73 Remuera Road
Remuera, Auckland 1050
New Zealand

Hear about Watercare’s enterprise-wide programme to transform its processes, technology and organisational culture to better meet the expectations of its customers.

Watercare has a consumer base of 1.5 million Aucklanders who increasingly expect to deal with a fast, modern, digital organisation. Knowing there was work to do to get there, several years ago Watercare embarked on the Strategic Transformation Programme (STP), a massive cultural, process and technology change effort across the entire organisation.

This event shares lessons learned from those at the coalface of the transformation, focusing on:

  • establishing leader-led change capability across all levels, from Chief Product Owners (Executive team) to Product Owners responsible for delivering value to customers and to Watercare people; 
  • using data to drive change efforts and build high performing change, delivery teams;
  • introducing and scaling enterprise design thinking and agility across the whole company.

The presentation will take about 30 minutes, followed by a quick tour of the physical workspace, to show how the transformation programme team of 150 people (about 17 agile squads) are working to change things up at Watercare.

About our Speakers

Rebecca Chenery is Chief Digital Officer for Watercare. Previously Head of Business Transformation, Rebecca’s remit includes Analytics & Insights, Digital Operations, Innovation and Digital Delivery. Rebecca sits on the executive team, is responsible for Board engagement, and is a big advocate for leader-led and data-driven transformation.

Paul De Quaasteniet is Programme Director for the Strategic Transformation Programme, and runs Watercare’s Digital Delivery organisation. Paul has championed the people side of the transformation from the start and has plenty of lessons to share in the areas of partnering, setting up agile teams and applying design thinking to get key talent onboard with the journey. 

Peter Johnston is Enterprise Change Lead for Watercare's Strategic Transformation Programme. He spent 10 years in the UK working on large digital transformation programmes, and more recently back in New Zealand where he launched and led IBM New Zealand's Digital and Interactive Experience consulting practice. Data, design thinking and agility heavily influence how Peter conducts transformation. Peter achieved his registration as a psychologist about 20 years ago and likes to apply science and research to how he runs consulting teams and designs change.


We acknowledge and thank our event sponsor Watercare Services Limited for their support. 

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