The Global Voices series provides great access to the latest thinking in change management and associated topics, globally. Hear directly from international industry experts, no matter where in the world you are based.

Global Voices - sharing insights to inspire conversations

This series features episodes exclusively for members.

  • Often recorded with a live audience (invite provided to all Members), each episode features one or more industry Thought Leaders.
  • Showcasing professionally relevant topics that benefit from a global, as well as a local perspective.
  • This is a prime opportunity for Members to gain insight and new thinking as part of the Change Management Institute global community.

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Upcoming Global Voices Events

Global Voices: The Change Equation with Nick Petrie 

Thursday 7th February 2019 (US/Canada/UK), Friday 8th February 2019 (Australia/NZ)

Each organisation is unique and has its own Change Equation – a change leadership approach that best fits its culture.

Join us to learn about the three factors of the Change Equation and how you can apply them.

Click here to find out more about Nick Petrie, to see details on timing and to register for this event.


Recent Global Voices Events

Fireside chat with Melanie Franklin and two guests on ‘Doing Agile Change’

What is Agile Change? What is the impact of Agile approaches on change? Haven’t good Change Managers always been agile? Are we losing the marketing war to our IT colleagues who accuse of us of taking too long to manage implementations and causing a backlog of changes?

A group of passionate senior change managers muse aloud on these questions and more to tease out useful insights to apply in our professional practice. An audio version of this episode is available to members.

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Fireside chat with Daryl Conner and three guests on Being a Trusted Advisor to Senior Leaders

Daryl Conner and three graduates of Raising Your Game course chat in an unscripted informal conversation on the topic of being a trusted advisor to senior leaders. A video version of this episode is available to members.

The Global Voices series produces episodes (video and/or audio) that are made available to all members as part of our member only resources on the website. Members will be notified when each episode is released and the link will be available on this page.