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We are the world’s leading organisation committed to the advancement of the change management profession. There are many benefits to membership; essentially we see them all falling under three key areas, and that is why we say we are committed to helping you be Capable, Credible and Connected. Join us now.

Strengthen Your Capability

  • Attend speaker events, seminars & workshops (in-person and virtual) designed to build change capability and skills - members receive substantial discounts to all events
  • Access special member discounts for market leading certification and change management training
  • Use Change Management Institute competency models to frame your own professional development and career pathway

Enhance Your Credibility

  • Stay up to date with industry insights and key information
  • Access new thinking and content through our white papers, articles and videos
  • Add our logo to your business card, website and LinkedIn profile
  • Have your skills independently assessed and formally certified through our Professional Accreditation
  • As a member you have the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership by volunteering at a country or local chapter level

Extend Your Personal Network and Global Connectivity

  • Attend local chapter events for ideas exchange and networking
  • Connect with special interest groups globally to extend your support network and professional viewpoint
  • Join or spark our virtual conversations