Smarter, not harder

If you’re looking to get ahead of your peers, consider the benefits of being a student member of the Change Management Institute.

You’ll be joining a global network of change professionals supporting and advancing each other. You’ll be able to attend events and be in the same room as leading practitioners and thought leaders to help you grow your knowledge, and networks.
If you’re already a professional and currently studying at a tertiary institution to build your knowledge, or if in fact, you are changing your field of discipline to change management, we would welcome you as a student member.
You may be eligible for one year membership at the discounted student membership rate if:
  • You are studying for a formal tertiary qualification at a recognised education provider; and
  • The course duration is a minimum of one year which may be completed over a longer period on a full or part-time basis.
When you are joining up online you will be asked to provide details of your Education Qualifications/Study. Please also attach a scanned copy of:
  • Your student card
  • A copy of your course enrolment details, which shows dates and student number

We want you to join us so we’ve made this easy!

  • Create your account by registering your name, email and address.You will receive an email with a link to activate your account, complete the joining process, and make payment.
  • As part of the joining process we’ll ask you to tell us a little more about yourself, including the chapter you want to join, your job role and change experience and education qualifications (and don't forget to attached scanned copies of your student card and course enrolment details).
  • Once you have paid for your membership, you will be given access to all the membership privileges including our Member Exclusive Resources and Member logo.

Select the relevant Student Membership Plan below, and start benefiting from your Change Management Institute membership now!

Student (Australia)
AUD $150.00
Student (New Zealand)
NZ $150.00
Student (United Kingdom)
GBP £75.00
Student (Ireland)
EUR €65.00
Student (United States of America)
USD $100.00
Student (Canada)
CAD $125.00
Student (Other)
AUD $150.00