Organization Design Forum, Michigan USA by Michelle Pallas

In April, people seeking information about organization design gathered in Michigan to share practical experiences and scholarly ‘thought leader’ ideas.

Jane Judd, Global President travelled from her home in New Zealand to participate in the ODF conference, and she and I constituted the only change practitioners at the event! Despite our difference, we felt welcome and included, and enjoyed several great sessions.

My surprise and take away from the conference was the amount of energy around the concept of ‘how’. Topics challenged us on how to implement new organizational designs? And how can we work with change practitioners to realize our dreams? 

A particular breakout session that struck me was TimeZero’s session on Living Systems. Argerie Vasilakes and Sally Parker showed us a simple concept: that we are just part of a system of living things. Survival of the fittest holds true in organizations as well as in nature. Life has been designing itself for agility and innovation for over 3.85 billion years. We can learn from nature's wisdom and apply these lessons to enhance our organizations. 

The USA chapter will hold a practice innovation webinar on this topic on the 8th November. We'll provide the details shortly, but please join us! 

Michelle Pallas

USA Country Lead