Developing Organizational Capability (New York, USA)

6:00pm Thursday, 27 February 2020
9:00pm Thursday, 27 February 2020
The Gunlocke Company Showroom
257 Park Ave South, Floor 14
New York, New York 10010
United States

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Join the Change Management Institute to hear from change management and organizational development  experts Justin Paul, Dr. Michelle Rozen, Charlie Garland and Dr. Renee Vieira in our first Panel+ event. 

Panelists will share invaluable lessons from their decades of combined experience and answer your questions about real life change management application. 

What is a Panel+?

A Panel+ is a new creative event format which combines learning from the industry experts with guidance on actual application. The Panel+ will begin with a panel discussion followed by small group breakout sessions led by the panelists themselves.

The New York chapter committee will ask our panelists for ideas based on your responses from our recent survey on change management pain points. Other topics will include:  

  • Innovation habits
  • Building agility into your company culture
  • How to prepare your leaders to drive change

Our aim is to provide you with tools and confidence to reflect on your own situation and experiences and to consider the implications for you, your change initiatives and your profession.

Event Timing

6:00pm Arrival, registration and networking 
6:30pm Panel+
7:30pm Breakout Discussions led by Panelists
8:00pm Closeout and Networking 

About our Panel of Experts

Justin Paul
Justin is a seasoned executive coach and talent management professional with experience working with Fortune 50 leaders across the globe to unlock the potential of their teams and personal leadership capabilities. Justin designs and delivers executive level leadership workshops in close partnership with C-suite leaders to drive organizational improvement. He executes division wide culture change initiatives in the wake of large organizational restructures and enabled high potential executives to build self-awareness and tackle their development opportunities through executive coaching. He has been successful at designing talent management strategies and practices in multiple areas to generate significant positive impact on business results.

He is a certified, Marshall Goldsmith executive coach, Graduate of the Founders Institute, and holds a Master in Industrial/Organizational psychology. His strong knowledge base and experience has demonstrated the value of empowering and engaging employees to drive bottom line business growth. He is always interested in innovating and tackling problems in creative ways including working with start-ups and other innovative technology platforms to drive effective feedback and leadership behavior change.

Dr. Michelle Rozen
Dr. Rozen is one of the most booked speakers on leadership through change. Dr. Rozen is the author of three books, a Huffington Post writer, and has been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX News and many other media outlets discussing change, motivation and how the human mind works to become exceptional in every area of our lives, personally and professionally. Michelle’s expertise and passion are change management and motivation. She is one of the most sought after change management motivational speakers nationwide as well as internationally.

Michelle speaks to the audience from personal experience. Years ago, unhappy with her job, life and future, she decided to Hit the Change Button, embarking on a journey to achieve her goals. After achieving her PhD in Psychology, it became Michelle’s purpose and passion to help others. Michelle bases her practical, down to earth approach on the most up to date science with real-life applications, and speaks at her keynotes, training events and seminars about the power to hit the change button and how the mind works when it comes to motivation, leadership, and change. Michelle’s talks, books, and seminars are real, uplifting and engaging. She is humorous, engaging and provides real strategies to change our lives, accomplish our goals and become the best version of ourselves, personally and professionally, in a rapidly changing world.

Charlie Garland
Charlie is a behavioral engineer – designing companies, products, processes, and content that focus around innovation. His latest endeavor is a coaching process that helps make innovative thinking -- and, thus, innovative behavior -- a reliable, measurable habit. It combines models and methods created by BJ Fogg, PhD (professor at Stanford University), integrated with cognitive-behavioral elements of major innovation processes, including Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Agile, Lean, and many more.

Mr. Garland defines innovation in the following way: "the process of creating and delivering new value, for one or more stakeholders, through the unique use of available resources." You may choose to define it differently; if so, he is interested in understanding your rationale and context. Mr. Garland finds value in learning new insights from others, especially those with unique/diverse perspectives. His pragmatic definition has evolved via iterative refinement for over 15 years, and he’s found it to be especially empowering (and motivating) to others. Mr. Garland has also developed an innovation/critical-thinking tool that both triggers and guides innovative thinking, called "CubieTM." This is a tool that helps to increase your Cognitive Buoyancy®, which is an individual's propensity to access their "higher-order" (System 2) thinking -- a necessity for innovative thinking.

Renée Vieira
Renée is an accomplished Organizational Effectiveness consultant, specializing in business transformations, with over 15 years of experience in Fortune 100 companies. In her current role at Moody’s, Renee leads the Global Organizational Effectiveness function and team, where she is responsible for spearheading several enterprise-wide change initiatives. Prior to Moody’s, Renee held similar roles at WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner), Johnson & Johnson, and MetLife, where she partnered with executives to lead large scale business initiatives and cultural transformations. She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia’s Teachers College.

Renée received her bachelor’s degree from Drew University, her doctorate in Organizational Psychology from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University, and her MBA from NYU Stern.

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