Demystifying Cultural Change (UK members webinar event)

4:30pm Thursday, 2 July 2020
5:30pm Thursday, 2 July 2020


So much is written about Organisational Culture and any change practitioner will tell you it’s the key driver for delivering successful and lasting change in any organisation.

But what is organisational culture? Is it just a ‘fluffy concept’? Is it driven, and therefore changed, from the top down or is there more to it than that?

In this interactive webinar hosted by the South East chapter, Anish Hindocha from Jigsaw Change Consulting is going to help us tame this nebulous and intangible beast and show us how it can become a competitive advantage.

We’ll discuss the power and significance of team culture – what stories do we tell each other about how things work around here and what impact do they have? And how might that be just as impactful as the voice of the Board?

As we journey through the evolution from Command And Control to Self-Empowered Teams, we will see that the traditional hierarchical balance has been up-ended and things may not be as they seem…

We will use the webinar platform to deliver an interactive session with case studies and plenty of time to share our stories!

About our Speaker

Anish Hindocha is a Transformation Consultant and founded Jigsaw Change Consulting in 2019 having delivered major organisational change initiatives for financial services heavyweights such as VISA and Barclays Bank.

He has a passion for Lean Thinking, Cultural Transformation and Habit Formation. The last of these prompted him to create the ‘30Day Experiment’, which has led to a blog and series of webinars on the subject of Habits.

Anish has a degree in Chemistry with Management Studies from King's College London, a Diploma for Target Operating Model Design from Loughborough University and ​​LCS 2b from Cardiff Business School.

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