Transactional Analysis: don’t make a change drama into a crisis (UK members webinar event)

6:00pm Thursday, 17 September 2020
7:30pm Thursday, 17 September 2020


Transactional Analysis is a psycho analytic theory which change practitioners everywhere should know about. By analysing social transactions to determine someone’s ego state we can better understand their behavior. Whether parent, child or adult state, what if we could alter someone’s ego state and therefore their behaviour?  

The good news for change practitioners is this is entirely possible and Sue Noble, a Transactional Analysis enthusiast and coaching specialist, can show us how. She will guide us through The Drama Triangle - a classic Transactional Analysis model and show us how by turning it in to the Empowerment triangle, we can change behaviour and lead people through the change curve more effectively. 

Competencies this event relates to are: Facilitating Change, Influencing Others, Coaching for Change and Communicating Effectively. 

About our Speaker - Sue Noble

Sue Noble is the Director of Coaching and Leadership company, Noble Learning Ltd. She is a qualified Executive coach who designs and delivers leadership and coaching certification programmes.  

She specialises in supporting organisations to manage change, uncertainty and resilience through embedding a coaching culture and ethos and by using person-centred communication techniques.    

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