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The Financial Value of Change Management (Change Management Institute UK, March 2018)

If change management is to be taken seriously as a management discipline, it must justify itself. Those of us in the profession must get better at explaining both what we do and the value of what we do.

Many of us are concerned that change management is still an after-thought, considered only when a project is underway and even then, seen as the fluffy stuff. We need to start talking in terms that those that commission projects understand i.e. risk management and cold hard cash. 

In this webinar Melanie Franklin will make the case for the importance of aligning change management to return on investment and the realisation of benefits and give examples of the financial value of well planned and confidently executed change management activities.

Listen to the recording and access related slides here

Pushing the Boundaries of Professional Practise

The Change Management Institute’s Future Thinking program explores future-oriented topics about what we might become as individual professionals, and what we might become as a Change Management profession. 
Internationally renowned Change Management practitioner and thought leader Dr. Jen Frahm speaks with Helen Palmer about pushing the boundaries of your own professional practice.

Listen to the audio podcast here

Organisational Attachment (Change Management Institute UK, January 2018) 

Dr Victoria Grady and Ian Noakes recently presented an insightful webinar session on Organisational Attachment. 


As practitioners we are always looking for new and interesting ways to think about how we deliver and embed change. A recent McKinsey article states, “many people aren’t aware that the choices they make are extensions of the reality that operates in their hearts and minds. Indeed, you can live your whole life without understanding the inner dynamics that drive what you do and say.”

The session proposed that the application of organisational attachment based interventions aimed at promoting the understanding of 'inner drivers' will increase the likelihood of successful change.


View the recording and access the slides here.

Applied Improvisation (November 2017)

Some of our global members recently participated in a thought provoking discussion piece on the value and nature of Applied Improvisation as a change management tool. 


This is an example of one of the many stimulating and growth-promoting casual conversations between our members who are passionate about probing and teasing out the facets of change management and the tremendous impact it has on organisations and work cultures, as well as learning new change management techniques. 


View the recording and access related resources here.