Change management certification courses from APMG and Prosci®. Which one is right for you?

The purpose of this paper is to provide an objective comparison of the change management certifications offered by APMG and Prosci. It has been co-authored by Chris Moore, an Advanced Prosci Instructor at Aspire Europe, and Robert Cole who is Aspire’s Lead APMG Change Management Trainer and contributor to the APMG course text.

Both APMG and Prosci offer certification programmes for people seeking to know more about change management. In the recent times, these are increasingly seen as alternatives or competitors and many potential candidates want to know how these offers differ.

The APMG course content covers many of the foundation theories that underpin today’s change management practice, as well as some practical approaches that candidates can use on change initiatives. The Prosci course offers training on Prosci’s research-based methodology and toolkit; which enables candidates to develop their change management plans during their attendance on the course.