Assert your professional credibility. Make CMI Accreditation part of your career plan.


No matter where you are in your change career path, CMI's three different levels of Accreditation will ensure a relevant assessment of your capabilities.


Assessment is rigorous and thorough. CMI Accreditation is not a test, rather a real world assessment of your proven skills and experience as a Change Manager. The assessment standard is the CMI Change Manager Competency Models. The CMI Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) describes the knowledge underpinning the competency models.


The Right Accreditation level for you

Learn more about each level:

  1. Accredited Change Manager - Foundation
  2. Accredited Change Manager - Specialist
  3. Accredited Change Manager - Master

If you're a CMI member you can start your journey now by assessing your capabilities against the benchmarks the Competency Model provides - take a look at the summary Competency Model below.

If you would like to become an Accredited Change Manager but you're not yet a member

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