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A bit more about us

Our objectives for the UK are to ensure that you have access to regular, relevant chapter events where you can network face to face, as well as providing insight from senior leaders in change, outlining latest ideas and sharing insights on how our profession is evolving.

We are here to raise awareness of change management as a management discipline, and help all those involved in change access resources and contact each other to share experiences and provide support. We do this through our local chapter events, our LinkedIn group and our Thought Leadership Panel, which provides content for regular papers on latest trends.

Each of our UK chapters is planning events for the coming year and we have some exciting topics coming up reflecting the topics our members would like to hear more about. You can attend any chapter as we recognise many of you travel on business and can be working near a chapter that is not close to home. Find out more about our events here

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Looking for a group nearer to home? Connect locally to extend your network of like-minded professionals working nearby. Attend speaker events, seminars and workshops designed to build your change capability. Check out your local chapter for more information.




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UK Country Leadership

Ketan Patel and Melanie Franklin - UK Country Co-Leads

Anna Mezyk – Communications
Emma Smith - Communications
Annabel Curwen – Thought Leadership
Laverne Udeze – Membership
Melanie Franklin – Exhibitions and external events (alongside Co-Lead role)

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